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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> absolutely. you have to see it to believe it, so dramatic it looks like something from a movie. look at this, video only seen here, police are looking for this man who according to the sheriff attacked the clerk at the liquors last week. on young 16 around 7:40, the man walked into the store, picked up a case of beer and grabs cigarettes and liquor. look at this: multiple security cameras captured the robber took down the clerk and started beating him. we have hidden the clerk's face because he is afraid of retaliation. >> [ inaudible ]
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>> the sheriff is now asking the public for their help to find this guy describes as 5' 8" weighing between 160 and 180 with black curly air and a ponytail and a mustache. what the clerk did, law enforcement describe as "dangerous." they ask people not intervene in anyway but they are asking anyone with information contact the police department. >> berkeley place are investigating a shooting at a liquor store. it happened before 10:00 last night at easy liquors. officers found a 38-year-old berkeley man with serious injuries in the store. a witness tells abc that the shooter chased the man into the store and shot him in a storage room. police developed information that the suspect may have run toward the treat but they could not find him after an extensive search. >> police are investigating a
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deadly head-on collision between a driver and a tour bus headed to san jose in the travel valley after 5:00 on route 145 east of highway 41. witnesses say the car swerved into the path of the bus carrying about 40 people. c.h.p. says the 60-year-old woman in the car died on impact. police say they received several reports of the woman's erratic driving. the bus is owned by fremont based tours and the driver says this is his first accident in 30 years driving. >> i really can't explain how i feel because this is tell. the lady perished is terrible. i don't know what to say. >> officers say the woman's dog may have distracted her because it was not strapped in. the dog was also killed. no one on the bus was hurt.
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>> a well respected south bay post a.m. inspector is facing charges of stealing mail and valuables, a supervisor if san jose accused of stealing money, jewelry, silver bars, pass ports, description drugs and weapons. he told the staff to let him know any time expensive items were loose in the mail. they say he was confiscating the items. agents began watching him last year and he was arrested on wednesday. >> san francisco police say a serial arsonist is off the street. anthony bejarano was arrested where a luxury high-rise was set on fire last week. >> this video shows 47-year-old anthony bejarano in the process of committing a series of arson fires mostly in the south of market area. each time he is shown carrying a
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bag. he is standing next to dumpsters. that is a target. >> the next difficult after san francisco police released the images and video of the suspect we received information. >> on wednesday, san francisco police arrested bejeanne. -- bejarano. over the past welcome, police believe he set fire to garbage cans, dump steps, newspaper racks and construction sites. >> i am glad they caught the person. it is dangerous. especially in the construction sites. >> last year, bejarano lived here on market street. we learned his roommate applied for a restraining order. he says bejarano cornered him in the kitchen. he called the police and asked if i wanted him arrests but i said for i was afraid he would harm me. bejarano is charged with six couples of arson denied our request for an interview.
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>> it is 4:35, the board of directors for the gonna will decide if they will fund a suicide barrier voting on the $76 million package to build a steel suicide net. 1,400 people have plunged to their deaths sin the bridge opening in 1937 with six suicides last year. a new bear year would be completed by 2018. amy hollyfield will have more on the meeting at the top of the hour. >> new details the c.e.o. of mobile app start-up that lets people auction off parking spaces in san francisco is refusing the city attorney's order to stop operations. early this week, he sent monkey parking a start-up, a cease and desist letter and order them to stop operating by july 11 saying
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it violates code. monkey parking c.e.o. calls it an open violation of free speech and consulting is legal counsel and released a statement yesterday saying that "i have the right to tell people if i am about to leave a parking spot and they have the right to pay me for the information." we post add link to the statement on our website at >> members of team u.s.a. and their fans can breathe easier. until tuesday. that is when the united states meets belgium in the world cup. only in soccer can a loss be as good as a win as team u.s.a. advances to the knock out stage despite hassing 1-0 to germany. they held on to second when portugal defeated ghana 2-1. the games remain played simultaneously. this is the first time the united states team has gone to the knock out round in back-to-back world cups. >> a great advertisement on
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monday and now a great photo op. this screaming luis suarez was supposed to sell soccer cleats but fans are posing with their arms and putting their heads need his mouth. fans from uruguay, though, don't find it funny and are not lining up but are mad he has been suspended for four months for biting an italian defender on tuesday. we have extensive world cup coverage on our website including at look at how position portion star has gone from agreeing american hearts to saving them. the weekend is here. or just about. we will check the forecast with mike. >> thank you, eric. nice to see you, katie, and everyone. we have 20 miles per hour in fairly. 13 in napa. everyone else is less than that. step outside and you can feel the moisture in the air and the breeze blowing out through with
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the marine layer that is stout this morning. temperatures are running uniform across san francisco. everyone is running at 55 to 56 and, actually, crissy field is 55 and headed to downtown, it is 55. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's through the bay shore and to the south bay throughout the north bay and to the coast we have a few 60's, and pleasanton at 60 and tracy is 68. we have drizzle on the coast and the higher elevations and into san francisco. temperatures are the same as yesterday. headed to noon, it will be brighter, and everywhere but the coast, 60 there and 66 around the bay, and 80 by 4:00 and close to average and 62 at the coast and this evening, grab a light coat, and the weather will be quiet. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> happy friday to you. it is just on the cusp of the weekend and hope much had a
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great week i have construction so far, though, it is pretty friday lite as we look at the valley in the northbound direction along 680 through crow canyon road and sycamore, it will lab until 58 -- 8:00 this morning. there is a project up to broadway so you see the cones until 5 o'clock. we will look from emeryville camera and this is toward the maze as you make the drive from berkeley up to 580 the tail lights headed long the westbound direction up to the bay bridge are moving without a hitch in the eastbound direction the medicine lights making it into berkeley to the hoffman split, no delays. >> thank you, it is 4:39, one-on-one with the father of the uc santa barbara shooter. >> the red carpet premiere of
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the latest movie shot in the bay area and a controversy. >> why the lonely lion has too much room to rome but, first, the temperature -- tech bytes. >> google is adding new smart watches including the lgg watch, samsung live and motor roam moto 360. >> wal-mart could have a line cutting the police of basic iphones at 9:00 a.m. costing $9 9 with a two-year contract. the price is only available in stores and not online. >> it could be a good time to buy an ipad touch with the portable music players lowered by 25 percent, an indication that the company is reasonable going to launch a new model later this year. if pizza is your go-to party food you may want to check out a new app called pizza counter,
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where you enter the number of guests in the level of hunger and the yap will tell you how many to order. those are tech you can either haveon high-end or low-price. quality or quantity. designer or disposable. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all. get up to 50% off department store prices. t.j.maxx.
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, at 4:43. the fee -- father of the uc santa barbara gunman talks with barbara walters. elliot rodger kills six and wounded 13 others before taking his own life. so many people are asking, where were the warning signs? his father, peter rodger, spoke at length with barbara walters about what happened. >> my son caused so much pain and suffering. >> when you wake up in the
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morning what do you think? >> a reverse nightmare, you go to sleep normally you have a nightmare and wake up and everything is okay the now i go to sleep and i might have a nice agreement and i wake up and it is slowly, the truth of what happened dawns on me and that is that my son is a mass murderer. >> peter rodger says he had no idea his son could hurt anyone and did not see this coming. >> can you see the interview with barbara walters tonight at 10:00. >> san francisco hosted the world premiere for "dawn of the planet of the apes," and western on the red carpet as stars told us what they loved about work on the latest bay area movie. >> in 2026, san francisco doesn't do so well as the future battlefield in the war between humans and apes. >> tell us what you want. there must be another way.
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>> it is only emotional because two years ago we came here, the production designer and looked around for locations and here it is two years later and the movie done and the experience is over and we are now about to share it with the world. it is very exciting. i love bay area, it is good to be back here. >> the san francisco film commission brought projects to the bay area and the bigger, the better, because it means jobs and a butch in tourism. >> we are happy to have any film here with the blockbusters seen by so many, they are spending a lot of money in the local economy. we very happy to have that. >> bay area native dawned an ape costume and plays blue eyes. >> the way we show the bay area and the way it has transformed, obviously, is much different than the way it is now. we hope it stays that way for a while.
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the star gary oldman didn't discuss the interview with "playboy," where he made comments about jewish people but talked about the theme. >> we hope to co-exist. at one point the movie offers that. >> it opens july 11. >> a familiar site along the waterfront in san francisco is missing: this sea lion was the only one our cameras found on the docks at the pier where you usually see dozens of the mammals. >> there is just the one. >> what is it normally like? >> tons the -- tons of them the platforms are covered this area.
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tons. >> you will likely see scenes pore like this the first week of august when many sea lions return from southern california. >> a little vacation in southern california. >> they deserve a summer break. >> indeed, summer breaks. mike? >> they will find a lot of sunshine on the coast. if you like to go to the coat when the sun comes out, saturday, sunday, especially monday and tuesday, it could be your day for the coast. you can see a little bit of wet weather possible around ukiah and the sea breeze is enhanced and the man layer and moistening it. that is why we have a little bit of drizzle. it passes to the north and you may keep a lingering cloud up this but most of us, the sun is coming out, it will be slow, but it will be out there and we have warmer air mass over the top of us so slightly warmer weather
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inland. the sun will spread to the coast this weekend and the heat will follow. it will not get oppressively hot at the cost like inland but it will be warmer than the 50's and low 60's we have had for the week. the cloud cover shows it is stout away the bay and into the forth bay and along 101. by noon, there could be a few bits of clouds hanging around the bay but mostly you can see it is to the coast where it will hanford the afternoon with a few breaks. 60's to 80's today is our summer spread. a far cry from the 60's and 90's we have by sunday. mid-80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and money 70's the rest of the south bay and sunshine and 74 in santa cruz and san jose is 79 and start at 79 if los altos and 70 in millbrae with a few clouds in the gap and low 60's along the coast to mid-60's around downtown and south san francisco and 68 in sausalito and temperatures in the mid-70 and nearly 80 through the valley and
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low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and castro valley at 76, the warm spot, and inland, 79 at pleasanton, you are the exception, low-to-mid 80's for the rest of the neighbors. at the game, clouds will start to roll in during the game and it will become breezy from time to time and 62, dropping to 58. the cloud cover is coming in, again, tonight, and this is the last night of extensive morning manner layer clouds and temperatures are not low-to-mid 50's. what we are looking at are temperatures running about two to six degrees warmer saturday and sunday and topping out in the upper 90's inland, mop, upper 80's away the bay and upper 60's at the coast and a slow californiaing of temperatures it will above average how thursday. have a good day. >> we have 29 bart trains on time, ace train number one is one minute early. but we thought we started off on friday light, how, it has changed. at 580 we have a brand new accident involving a motorcycle,
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eastbound at 1st where a motorcycle ran into wood that fell off of a truck and on to the roadway and we have lanes blocked. hopefully no major injuries. it is going to cause some slowing in the eastbound direction. westbound commute, we are looking at a heave buildup from tracy to 580 where 205 meets 80. further to the west, southbound 880, eastbound and westbound we have construction this. a look at walnut creek staying in the east bay, the drive along 80, the big sig-alert at the end of the morning commute yesterday is all cleared and we have traffic flowing smoothly. drive safe. >> a new field poll releaseed shows sags with the california legislature is on a downward swing that began after the arrest of state senator state senator yee.
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views were improving but it stopped when senator yees with arrested in march, the third suspended in the wake of a political scandal. a president conducted by his arrest shows that 43 percent of voters were staffed with the legislature's performance. in the latest poll approval fell to only 35 percent. >> coming up, why pick a wedding venue when you can have the wedding venue come to you. a latest marketing stunt that could have you saying "i do." another november november -- novelty for pampered
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you can either haveon high-end or low-price. quality or quantity. designer or disposable. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all. get up to 50% off department store prices. t.j.maxx. a reminder if you are trying to get to the parade or around it, the parade starts at 10:30
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on sunday morning and runs along market to 8th street. the 44th annual celebration and parade is the largest lgbt gathering in the united states and the theme is "color our world with pride." >> uber and lyft is driving for capitalize on the festivities and you will never guess the latest stunt. on saturday, uber offers on demand weddings in honor of pride weekend. on the app and place an order and uber will bring a notary to you with a bodying license. they have partnered with alaska airline to make the dream honeymoon a reality. it is all free. not the honeymoon part. from arrival to "i do," will take an hour. >> mike? >> we will talk about the stuff that is going on and we will talk about pride, too, but, first, alameda county fair is getting a break from the heat
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with temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's but it will be cool for the evening festivities down to 52 by 11 o'clock. on saturday in san francisco, 68 at noon and 70 and breezy at 4:00, and 63 degrees at 6:00. if you are headed to the california beer festival, temperatures tomorrow in the upper 70's from noon to 5:00. if you are traveling around the state, lake tahoe will be about 74 and 79 in los angeles. >> we do have an updated location for the accident involving a motorcycle if livermore and it is in the eastbound direction but it is closer to isabel and livermore avenue with a motorcycle that hit some wooden pallets. tracy is where we are on the
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brakes. the san mateo bridge is locking clear, as well, as you head cross the water with the tail lights moving to the peninsula can it will only take you nine minutes from hayward. if you like playing the odds and want to find love some states are better. according to the census bureau there are only ten states in the united states where men outnumber women: alaska is number one and then north dakota, wyoming, hawaii, and nevada. on the flip side, a higher percentage of women in washington, dc, delaware, rhode island, massachusetts and maryland. if the pentagons do not turn your head consider the numbers, in mass mis, there are more than 200,000 more women than men. >> you have heard of ad if drug what about a treat trust in
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milo's kitchen treat rolls into san francisco, a food truck for dogs with chicken meatballs, grilled bug better bites and home-style dog treats and a dog give photo book where you can take a selfie. the kitchen is on a summer tour. first off, san francisco this evening at the park. >> next at 5:00 a.m., saving lives and changing the look of the golden gate bridge. we have the crucial decision today to approve the controversial suicide barrier. >> stepped up security at the san jose airport after the stow away to hawaii with a measure being taken to make sure it never happens again and how it can hit you in the wallet. >> chefs and bartenders win a round in sacramento against an
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and a very good friday morning. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas much it will be a good weekend weather-wise especially for those would light the hot weather. >> cool and beach water by sunday. sun along the coast but not so warm on sunday. we are tracking a little bit of drizzle and light showers trying to show up in mendocino and lake county but the big story for us is the cold clover -- cover and the extra moisture that will go an by mainly noon and temperatures inland and below average and 76 to 85 and a lingering cloud in the north bay and partly sunny in san francisco and below average at 60 to 66